Larrain Rencoret Urzua in The Japan Times

28 diciembre, 2016

“At the end of the day, Chile is a country that is widely seen as a secure place to invest in or to start your investment when you come to Latin America” said Founding Partner José Manuel Larrain of Larrain Rencoret Urzua Abogados.

Because of its political and economic stability, as well as its reputation for low corruption, Chile has seen a lot of growth, particularly in mergers and acquisitions and infrastructure development.

With its proven expertise in the project finance and infrastructure sectors, Larrain Rencoret Urzua was selected as adviser for the country’s first-ever interconnected electronic toll road project.

As more foreign firms enter Chile, the legal scene has grown quickly and is more competitive. But with partnership opportunities, Larrain remains very optimistic about the Chilean economy.

“My view is that it is a good opportunity to be part of that growth, rather than compete with our peers. I see this as a win-win situation,” Larrain explained.

Larrain Rencoret Urzua in The Japan Times